Tuesday, 15 January 2013

New story for 3am mag

Alan sent this to 3am mag for Halloween and they published it.
The drawing wasn't done intentionally for Halloween but it seemed to work.


 An Unholy Grail

Story by Alan McCormick and drawing by Jonny Voss
Published at 3am magazine

Quiet now. The night is Devil black.
Sleep now. The Knight waits for attack.
They mass behind. They storm and plunder –
The giant evil birds, the filthy scalded cats,
The eternal tombstone tenants, faces racked by thunder.

Hope shines out from the door in a negative of night,
But the moon above is full and on the other side of dawn
The cheats and murderous burst out of the earth,
The horned devil finds a good place from which to strike,
And the Knight waits for a night that’s dead and drawn.

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